It's been at least four years since I produced this piece. I've thought about doing another one because I really enjoyed doing it. If you wish to try your hand at this I'll explain the steps. 

I used an 8/10 inch stretch canvas. Here is a link for a three pack. This project would make a nice Christmas gift for a neighbor, grandparent and anyone. Although if I did this again I would choose the 5x7 inch stretch canvas. Here is a link for a 6 pack. I used an old hymn book for paper but any paper from, wrapping, tissue or photo book paper would work. I tore the paper in small pieces and using mod pods, glued it to the canvas. Walmart and Dollar Tree carries MogPod besides Ribbon.  I cut my ribbon to wrap around edges of the canvas, then glued it to the back of the canvas using a HotGlueGun. I cut a smaller piece of ribbon to knot around the middle of all the ribbons and then used an attractive vintage earring to hot glue in the middle. Although a pretty button would work too. If you have any questions give me shout out. I would be glad to try and answer them.