Office Chandlier

Here's a sneak peak of my new chandlier in my home office. I'm lov'in it. It didn't start out this color. It was a brush silver tone. Not what I was going for. So out came spray paint and walla. Yes I did this to a brand new chandlier, don't worry we checked it out first to see if it worked. Also because I didn't have electric hook up in ceiling my son hooked it up as a plug in and then I use a remote on wall to turn on and off.  This chandlier came with Edison lights, I switched them out to these round ones, much better I think. I almost forgot if you have any questions on how I did anything ask away or pm me. Also this is an affiliate link if your interested in one like this.  I may receive a small commission if you use this link but it will not cost you anything.



Was going to do a video but instead I took photos. I purchased this lamp way back at goodwill. It was again in silver so it needed a face lift. I wrapped the cord in foil, it just made it easier then trying to tape it. Then taped off the socket. I then hot glued a couple of frames to the pole, ( you could hot glue your favorite things) took the whole thing outside and sprayed painted it. Walla lovin it! Ask me anything you want or pm me questions. If you want this same lamp here is a link to it.   I may make a small commission if you purchase through this link but you won't pay anything more. Thank You