2017 Fine art fair paintings

October 7, 2018NancyAnn Martinez Well friends for something that scared the bejesus out of me I was pretty surprised to win (two) third place ribbons. I have no formal training but have always loved many creative outlets with painting being one of them. A good friend talked me into entering. For many that would have been a piece of cake. This isn’t the case with me. I have thought of doing this for some years only never could get up the nerve. This is were self doubt, self worth comes into place. Just talking out loud about doing it made me want to throw up (sorry) and I broke out with sweats and jitters. Only I really admire my friend so agreed to do it. Now that it is completely done I don’t know why I was so scared. Everyone at the fair made it so easy and where very helpful. Now for the best news. I also received 2nd place for my chicken painting. I wasn’t aware of this till today. I had received a small check for winning three ribbons yesterday and since I had not I called to get it corrected only to find out it was true. They said sometimes ribbons get placed on the incorrect painting but that I for sure did win a red ribbon. It is funny because so many people couldn’t believe my chicken painting had not received something. So now we know, it really did Thank you Jesus for the talent you have bestowed on me, may I always use it for your good.

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