Before and After Thrifting

I purchased this wreath at Hobby Lobby many years ago, like at least 15 if not more. It has been hung outside in the elements during most of those winters and what once was beautiful is pretty much been destroyed. Since I am a tight wad and I originally paid a lot of money for it I couldn’t throw it out. My solution was to remove all the faded and broke ornaments till all that was left was the evergreens that where also very faded. I took it outside and fluffed it up, a lot, then with dark green spray paint for outdoors, sprayed it. It is such a beauty green so fresh looking. I had purchased ornaments and picks from Dollar Tree and hot glued them to the wreath and walla.! As you can see it looks brand new all for a fraction of what a new one would have been. It is gorgeous if I say so myself. It is once again show piece outside for Christams.

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