Father and mostly Daughter’s Conversation

Father and mostly Daughter’s Conversation

October 27, 2018NancyAnn MartinezEdit"Father and mostly Daughter’s Conversation" Sept. 27, 2017 My dad has been gone for 4 years now but I still remember a conversation I had with him when I was at Elm Street building . He used to come in when he was stopping to get a haircut next door. I was extremely blessed to have this one on one time with him. My dad came in and I was telling him how I worried, how I fretted and how much anxiety I was experience all because I was worried I would fall flat on my face and how embarrassing it would be. How I would be so ashamed, you get the drift. Then I told him I had come to realize I had started my business from scratch, with a very small loan, that came to me out of the blue. I was already into the business 4 or 5 years. In other words I was a success just because I had open. Period! No and’s, but’s, or anything. I had achieved what many only dream of. I had no reason to be ashamed or to have anxiety if I needed to close. Now here it is 14 years later and I am still open. What a great opportunity I have had and how many friends I have made, this has been a huge blessing from God. I guess what I am trying to relate to you is if you are waiting till everything is perfect or what would someone say if I failed. Stop that! You will have succeed just for trying.

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