Get the Look

Get the look

October 10, 2018 NancyAnn Martinez Do you want to learn how to get this look? Are you ready or tired of the caulk paint look, but love how easy it is to caulk paint. Do you love this high gloss look but hate all the steps you have to do to recreate it? The stripping, sanding and sanding and then more sanding, painting, sanding and painting again? Well I discovered a way to get this look in basically three easy steps.  So if you ever saw a beautiful piece of furniture like this and wondered how did they do that or I wish I could do this. Only don’t know where to start or afraid you’ll mess it up. Or you’ve tried this look before but it was way to much work what with stripping and sanding.  Well not anymore! I’ll take you virtual through each step, give you the list of products I used and where you can purchase them. So Don’t start your project without Nancy Instructions.

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