Help, I don’t understand Facebooks Algorithem

October 3, 2018NancyAnn Martinez I have to admit, this is something I am trying to learn day by day. I have done some research and this is what I finally put into English so I could understand it and I hope it helps you too. As you have probably seen Facebook keeps changing all the time and whether your a business or an induvial, it is harder and harder to see post from businesses and your friends. There is a reason for it. Mark Zuckerberg decided he wanted Facebook to become a more people (not as much business) friendlier. He wants people to connect with each other. Guess what?  Most of use connect with each other by hitting the like button. Sure we sometimes make a comment here and there, well folks that not enough anymore. We have to engage!! Mark wants us to talk (type) more. Maybe he should remove that dang like button, it makes it to easy just to poke it, than take the time to gather our thoughts and make sure what we are putting out there isn’t to revealing about ourselves and to make sure our spelling is correct. (Ha mine is never going to be correct, God did not wire my brain that way and I can go to a million classes and that is still not going to fix this old brain). Also Facebook believes post from family and friends are more valuable then our business pages. Just a hint you can still go to a business page, hit follow, which then will ask you, see first, default or unfollow. On personal sites it only gives you the first two options, but you still have to engage on there post, my friends! So what is a person to do?! Well type, aaa? nope that isn't enough, he is checking to see how long your on with your friend(s) (even though he isn’t your parent he still want to see how much time you are spending talking to your friends, remember those days) or business timeline. If you and your friends share it or even private message (pm) you he loves that even more and keeps track (sure you already knew that but it is kindda creepy, get used to it, it isn’t going away anytime soon.) . Another thing that really helps is to do Facebook lives. (Yeah I know it’s scary, why would anyone watch? I’ll look stupid, I ate my voice, etc. well you can see where this is going. Does Not Matter. Your friends already know most of your flaws, they know your voice they know you stutter and forget things and that is why they love to watch. Oh and maybe they will learn something. So the more down to earth you are the better. Got that?! If you need help in this area let me know or pm me and I’ll share blog on it. They also check on the time you are posting stuff, so it’s important for businesses to post at certain times and have engaging post with there Facebook peeps. So if your in the business world and this is important to you, you need to do some research, there are sites out there that do this for you or hire someone that can do it for you on a regular time frame. So remember to be seen and to help other to be seen please take the time to comment, share and react to what your reading, watching etc. NO more like button!! Well maybe sometimes. My biggest wish is you would share this to someone you think it may help. Thanks

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