Home Business or not, you decide.

September 25, 2018 NancyAnn Martinez Home business isn’t for the faint of heart. It may seem like luxury to stay home and have career. This is a dream for many and others are living it. The one thing I can say, do some research, if you don’t already know what type of personality you are. It may be helpful to take a test. Some, people need the structure of having to get up and going outside to there job. Others don’t. Remember there will be no one there calling roll call, checking to see if you are doing your job and then some. So you need to be self motivated and be able to work by yourself.  Being a multitasker doesn’t hurt either. You may or may not have children, for myself my children are grown and on there own. I hope to have more time to see my mom and father-in-law who are both getting up in years and take better care of hubby. All those plus much more are demanding on your time. Another trait is to be very focused and organized. I had an office set up before I moved my business home. I am finding this is very beneficial, I’m not saying you have too but you definitely need an area off by yourself if at all possible. One more thing, you will need great communication skills. My job requires to call clients, work with insurance companies, speak with lab plus much more.  If you want to check out if your ready to work from home, here is a site I recommend. http://www.mycareerquizzes.com/work-from-home

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