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October 6, 2018NancyAnn Martinez

How’s Business? I want to answer this question for some of you who have been put in this position. I know when everything is going great it’s easy to say ,(GREAT), I’ve been so busy. Only what about those times that are sluggish, or you have had one to many let downs, irritable customers, or things are just bad. How do you respond then? Instead of answering with fine, great or terrific, turn them into a client. Below are just a few examples and if you need help figuring out your answer? Send me an e-mail and be sure to add How’s Business in the Subject area and I’ll be sure to get back with you. Coach: I coach this one lady who seemed to be stuck in a rut, get a new perspective on your business and is back to loving what she does. Optician: I help this elderly lady that had been to a couple other places already, relieve the pressure on her noise and ear pieces. She said she defiantly would be back when it was time for a new pair. If you’re in real-estate, you could say I just found the perfect home for a young married couple. They said they would be staying in this home, because they loved it that much. Sign Maker, I just made a special sign for an anniversary gift and it made a big hit with the couple. Said she wanted another one for her friend. Wreath Maker: I was able to make the perfect wreath for this single lady who wanted to get rid of sales people bothering her but still have a beautiful wreath on her front door. The idea, is to be able to let your customer know that you helped someone, you love what you do and they to, may want that kind of help or knows someone who does. The message that you want people to hear is, this person knows her STUFF and this person looks out for her clients. In this way you portray integrity, honesty, and the willingness to go the extra mile for your people. Nancy Martinez, Coach

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