How to Deep Clean a Living Room

Well I don’t know about you but I have taken down all my Halloween and Fall decorations.

What’s up next? CHRISTMSS!

The decorations will not go up in one day but before that can even start, I need to deep clean.

First things first.

Be sure to gather all your supplies. It makes it easier to have them all handy instead of having to go look for this or that.

1. Look around, what can you pick up, put away, fold or remove from the room.

2. Next dusting, start from the top, cobwebs on ceiling and don’t forget walls. Do the tops of doorways, windows, window surrounds, picture frames and don’t forget the base board? Do all your nick knacks and run a clean cloth or sweeper attachment over any lamp shades. If you have a ceiling light or fan this would be a good time to dust it down too.

Don’t worry about floors yet.

3. Ok grab the window cleaner and clean the windows, mirrors and any glass you have in picture frames.

A good rule of thumb is to spray your cleaner on your cloth, not directly on the glass frames. I’ve seen to many pictures glued to the glass because the cleaner was sprayed on the glass and it seeped under the glass onto the picture. I also like to clean my door knobs and switch plates and registers with the window cleaner verses just dusting. These are three spots that can be covered in dirt where dusting alone won’t get the job done. If you have a ceiling light or fan this would be a good time to wipe it down too.

4. You may want to take drapes down now and either shake them out or wash them.

5. While drapes are washing, take your sofa cushions off and go deep into those nukes and crannies and get all the gunk out, then, run the sweeper over the entire outside of sofa and chairs.

6. Now it is time for the floors. Sweep or mop depending on your floor material.

7. Now it’s time to have a drink and relax.

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