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How To: Facebook Live Videos

October 8, 2018NancyAnn MartinezEdit"How To: Facebook Live Videos" Are you ready to do live videos on Facebook but not sure were to start. You will need your iPhone, something to prop it up with. I used the tripod listed below, which can be purchase with my affiliate link listed below. Lighting is important. You want to look your best and if you are demonstrating something you want your visitors to be able to see what your doing or showing. I purchased the lumee for my I Phone case. I love it. It gives you different light settings which makes it awesome for selfies. It is light weight so it doesn’t add much weight to your phone. I also try to video in front of a window with myself facing the window for natural light. Of course at certain times of the day that is impractical. So far I haven’t invested in a light kit but if I do I will for sure let you know my thoughts. My affiliate links for the products are listed below. Just click the link and it will take you right to the site. I may receive a small commission from these affiliate links but I only recommend things I love and use.

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