Letting Go (of STUFF)!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Does anyone else have a hard time of letting go of stuff? I love thrifting but you can't keep everything you purchase but I am so attached to it after buying it and especially if I clean it or repurpose the object and that goes for new items as well.

My family are always saying mom you are hoarder and to a small extent I guess that is true. So, I have convinced myself to let it go. I have placed ads in Facebook Market place and other on-line sites and I've done fairly well. My biggest hurdle is when someone wants to dicker. I love to dicker for things but the feeling isn't the same when someone wants to dicker with me. WHAT I say! Are you nuts, I think! Do you know how much I paid for this? Do you know how much time I have in this? Well, sometimes I will dicker but other times I am firm. When I am firm you know I really don't want to part with it. I need more time to cherish that piece. I wonder will they appreciate it like I do? Will they take care of it like I do? Do they know how old it is and who gave it to me and how long I waited for just that piece!

Yeah, I know I am batty. So why am I telling you all this? Because today I sold something have had almost as long as I have been Married. Believe me that is a long time (42 years.) Only this time I found it easier to say goodbye. Bet your wondering why. Well, I'll tell you. My Aunt bought it, no dickering either. She was so excited to buy it said she had wanted one for a very long time and that is how I felt when I finally was able to buy it years ago. She wanted to know if it all worked So I preceded to show her, then I even told her how old it was and where I purchased it. Which made her appreciate it even more because she knew and loved that store as I had so long years ago. If you are wondering what store, it was Montgomery Wards. Do you remember that store? BUT the best part of letting it go was knowing I could visit it whenever I wanted to. Yep that is correct. Will I probably not but it was the thought that made me feel better.

Now this is a fun little story and some of it is true and some is a little story telling but I sure hope you can relate to it a little as I have seen many homes that are even more stuffed then mine.

OH, and if you are wondering what the item was, the picture is below.

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