Sunday The mask I wear.

Good morning friends, today is Sunday, one of many days I sleep late because I still feel exhausted after sleeping eight plus hours. I try so hard not to be in a funk but I don’t have control over my mind or body. I’ve dealt with this my entire life and it doesn’t get easier. It’s depression and anxiety. Anxiety that I will never measure up, or be as good as others. I know Jesus is the only one I need in my corner yet I strive for more not knowing what more is. I think the depression is the result of the anxiety. Most of the time I feel I can’t measure up to my husband standard even though I don’t think he has a standard, the standard is in my mind and it is so big no one can measure up to it. I am on medication and I have had outside help, I do have good days but it is a real struggle. Why am I telling you this? If you are feeling just a little of this , then you probably feel your all alone and I want you to know your not. So many things are kept a secret which just makes us feel worse. If you aren’t struggle you probably won’t understand but if your in my world you‘ll get this and I hope it helps you not feel alone. This is the mask I wear everyday but here to lifting it off just a little.

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