I posted a little on Facebook about this subject, only I felt it was worth keeping in my blog stories and I want to elaborate on it some.

"Christmas 9 to 5 the movie" brings back so many wonderful memories of Sears on Secor Rd in Toledo Ohio. I remember stopping there as a young person and seeing all the people mingling around, going up and down the escalator, and wanting to go up and down it myself. Although we shopped for clothing there, the store was much more then just clothing store. My father would take us there after church on Sundays, (at that time there was no Saturday services.) We got to visit other restaurant after church besides Sears and it was always a treat for me. Only dad said it wasn't for us but for mom, so she didn’t have to cook on Sundays.

To my delight this movie brought that all back. We (my brothers and sisters) where on our best behavior most times and usually had our church clothes on. Dad usually allowed us to order what we wanted, hamburger and fries and of course pop, something I don't remember ever drinking at home. Those where family times and it was a rare thing of us not to go somewhere for lunch on a Sunday.

When I got married I just presumed this tradition with my husband and children would continue but my husband was brought up differently so for awhile this didn't happen. Finally he saw the light (frying pan over his head) and decided we too would continue the tradition. My boys where not as well behaved, (lol) anyway I don't think they where, but my sons do remember the good times we had together. It was a treat for us also something we couldn't afford to do very often.

So, many good memories that my grandchildren, will not have, nor will they have them to pass on to their children. I know they will have other memories but it saddens me that Sears and many similiar stores no longer exist (Woolworth & Lions). I know there are many restaurant out there but they don't carry the rich history, caring people smiling face and cheery atmosphere those times did. I hope you get to see this movie and it takes you back to some great memories.

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