Mind Set

Mind Set

October 30, 2018NancyAnn MartinezEdit"Mind Set" 10/29/2018 Mind Set Ok friends, I’m going to tell on myself. Yesterday I had plans to clean my home. I was going to start with one room and then do another etc. You know I had big plans. Then my hubby called and asked are you going up town? I wasn’t planning on it, my wording my mistake. Well he needed his prescription filled. I’m thinking, oh great now my day is all screwed up. (MIND SET) But I was pretty determined to clean MIND SET. I decided to start with bathroom and ended up doing bathroom, kitchen and mudroom. Yeah just one room, why not three. They are kind of connected in a way. Positive thinking. So, I started with rugs, up and out the door for shaking. Then realized it’s dang cold another reason I do not want to go uptown (Mind Set) I sweep and mop, sinks next on the list to scrubbed and then of course toilet. At this point I realize I need Windex. toilet cleaner and scrubbies, and then I think, why not new bathroom rugs. The last time I washed the pair that was down I was picking rubber out of washer and dryer for a week. This creeps me out. Anyone else? This just encourages me. It gave me a reason to want to go up town. (Mind Set) Lol, Of course, there is no way I’m going looking or smelling like this, shower time. Which felt amazing and then I got dolled up. (MIND SET) Dolled up meant hair and makeup. My first stop was post office, then chief then Walmart. Where I walk around till my feet where killing me, MIND SET, I bought gel heel thingies. What a relieve, MIND SET now I can keep going. Because none of this took as long as I thought it would and his prescription wasn’t going to be ready till 2:15. Out to the car I go to waste time and I run into two friends and had a nice visit in the cold, but that’s okay (mind set) and I loved the visit. Then to Sally for nail polish I didn’t end up buying. $12 was just too much to spend after just spending $25 to have them done professionally. Now it’s time to pick up prescription, where there are 4 people ahead of me. (Mind Set) Be patient, they are waiting in line too. One more stop burger king, when did Jr whopper become over $2? Just asking Back home, I have patients coming, super needs fixed. Pork shops and vegetables. And a salad. I’m excited because I am home again and can get more accomplished. Hubby comes home and I talked him into helping put 4 boxes of paperwork in the attic. You know you have to save them for 8 years, I believe. I’ve been saving mine 15. lol Did I forgot to mention I remove our sheets and did three loads of laundry, dried and folded, besides making the bed. Which I was so grateful for when I climbed into bed last night. Then I remembered I said I would do a jewelry live. Which is to start at 7. The good Lord had to be standing there next to me the whole time or I would have dropped. Mind Set. I wouldn’t have it anyway else, I love being home. People: Stop Self-Sabotaging yourself. You can get plenty done even if you have an agenda and it has a kink put into your plan. I wanted to spend more time on my business yesterday, but thanks to post planner I was covered. Today I signed up for unroll.me, They unroll me from all the emails I do not want coming to my email box. I usually do one at a time every so often but this was way easier, go check it out. And way simpler and saved me so much time. Today I had a list, my suggestion to you would be do the yukky stuff first, cleaning the house would not have gotten done, if I had showered and went uptown first I guarantee you MIND SET. One of the first things I did yesterday and today was take a few moments for prayer time, does the body good. You also want to keep FOCUS on what your trying to get done. MIND SET. Last but not least REST. I did that last evening after I was finished and then this morning I slept in a little later. Those nice crisp, soft sheets did me in. But I did have an agenda and two patients this morning besides sweeping the carpet. It is all about mind set and not get to caught up that you can’t rearrange your schedule for someone special and the bonus for me was the visit with friends.

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