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Updated: Mar 8

May 27, 2018 NancyAnn Martinez

Thanks for joining me! Today’s journey started with a trip to town for the ingredients to my cold pasta salad that was my contribution to my son and future daughter in law home cook out.  Hubby went along for the quick stop (ha ha) to Wendy’s and Ace Hardware. My one stop turned into 5. Can you relate? Ace first, then my office, Dollar Tree, (needed tissues, cheapest I have found, 160 count quality tissues for $1 each. Then of course I needed birthday card, 2 for $1 and decorative butterflies for a wreath I am putting together, Wendy’s and then we finally made it to my desination Walmart. By then I was ready for a nap, but no rest for this lady, I still needed to cook my noodles and put the pasta salad together. We made it to our son’s around 1:00. The grandkids and others where already in the pool. Son made barbecued hotdogs and burgers. I laid out with my 15 year old, one and only granddaughter. Our 5 year old grandson and future grandson where all running, screaming, crying, laughing etc. keeping things lively and before we realized it, it was raining and 6:30. These grandparents where needed at home where two recliners where waiting for us. Which leaves me to we’re I am now, designing this site and writing this post. I’ll save my pasta receipt for a later time because it is now 1:30 am and way pass my bed time. Who says 64 is old?

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