My love of Pyrex Dishes

White Medium Size Both red dishes same size as white Green dish same size as the white and the two red. The set has four different sizes.

Every since I was little, my mom had a set of these Pyrex dishes minus the red one. She has a large yellow one and then they get smaller green to blue. When I was married and having kids I decided it was something I didn't want to live without, the dishes. They are the perfect size, weight and strength. Although many dishes have come out since, nothing, I have ever owned even came close to these.

I'm sure I could have hers someday, only I wasn't willing to wait some fifty years or so. AND yes my mommy is still going strong and still uses hers! I think that may have started my love for antiques among other things. They where expensive even when I started looking but they have gotten a lot worse, that's if you can even find a set. I can't exactly remember when I found mine nor what I paid for them but knowing me they where a bargain. I also managed to find a medium size red one for my set. None of mine are the same size.

Now to tell you about my Goodwill find six weeks ago. I was shopping and I came across two white bowls. Now if you know your Pyrex you know they have a distinct look, only I didn't know they came in white. Upon closer examination I realized they still had a hint of red. Wow, what a find! I asked a employee there at GW how much they where and she said fifty cents each. you can bet your booty I grabbed them.

I held my breath the whole way to the cashiers desk thinking there must be a mistake and when I went to pay for them she told me they where a dollar fifty. I told her what the other lady said and she said ok. Yes sir, I walked out of the store paying just $1 for them both. Ok I would have paid three dollars for them but I had already asked about pricing on them, so who knows who was right or wrong.

I was going to leave them white but after a few days I got it in my head to spray paint them. I had red spray paint. The red looked amazingly like the red dish I did have, so decided to go for it. Taped off all the areas I didn't want sprayed red with painters tape then took them out side and did three very very light sprays on them both. I wasn't trying to make them new, just put the red back on them. They came out perfect and beautiful.

Questions and Answers:

Yes I do use them. No the paint has not come off. The paint is only on the outside so no worries about eating paint. No I didn't put a clear coat over them. Also I do not own a dish washer and never had one, so they only get washed by my hands. I'm sorry I don't know what color of red I used. Rust-oleum was the spray paint brand and I believe in a semi gloss or flat. Hope this inspires you.

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