Searching for a Job

Searching for a Job?

October 16, 2018NancyAnn MartinezEdit"Searching for a Job?" Are you a stay at home mom? Someone who dissatisfied with were you are now or maybe a retiree who finds they need more. Are you looking for a business idea only don’t know were to start or even what sounds like you would want to do. Well Facebook friends grab a sheet or two of paper and a pen. I have listed 4 questions to help you get started in figuring out what direction you may wish to follow. Spend 15 to 20 minutes answering these four questions and you’ll have a list of at least 20 thing you could start a business online or other. 1) What are you paying someone to do for you now? Clean your auto? Walk your dog? Clean your home? Spray for bugs? Shampoo your carpet? Proofread? Web design? 2) What skills do you have? What are things others ask you to teach them? Cooking? Baking? Sewing? Math? Language? Are you good at saving and rebooting a computer as new? Make up Artist? Are you good at researching on the web? 3) What are some of the things your friends tell you your great at? Fashion? Relationships? Advice? Jewelry Making? Fashion Jewelry Repair? Painting? Crafting? Sewing/Repair/ Hemming? Photography? Public Speaking? Handwriting 4) When you have time for yourself (alone time) what are some of your favorite things to do, could they be turned into a business? Reading, Fitness, Shopping, Finding bargains? Painting furniture pieces. This is my list of ideas what can you add to it? Can they be potentiality started on line with a Facebook Page or website. It is free to have a Facebook page. Need help? This is one thing I am good at! I have set up three websites by myself. Was it easy NOPE. Am I still learning? YES. But anything worth doing is worth working at. Don’t forget to head over to my Business Page and look over what I offer. If you think it is something that will encourage and help you grow, SIGN UP. You are signing up for only one month, it doesn’t have to be a life time!

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