Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

tep Out of Your Comfort Zone!

October 26, 2018NancyAnn MartinezEdit"Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!" There’s not a lot of room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone. To add some zest and fun into your life, it’s important to try new things AND that can be scary. Stretch your limits! Getting outside of your comfort area may be tough at first, but facing new challenges can make you happier and more fulfilled. To become better at taking these risks, learn to think positively, about stepping out. Then you can work to make your new adventures stick with you for the long haul. 1. Pick Something Pick something that challenge you. Think about a few things that scare you or make you nervous. Walking into a restaurant, going to a wedding, visiting a friend, etc. Try writing a few down. It can be anything that scares you and is out of your comfort zone. Think outside the box. Circle the one you want to start with. You can tackle the others later. 2. Mission Statement Write a mission statement about your challenge. Come up with a reason (or a few) about why you want to tackle this obstacle. Ask yourself what you’re going to get out of this new experience. Once you have your answer, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it with you. Just a little phrase you can repeat to yourself every time you’re thinking about backing down. 3. Buddy Bring a buddy for some added support. Doing something new on your own can make it even more challenging. There’s no reason you can’t rely on friends or family to help you get out of your comfort zone! Pick someone who’s got your back and will support what your trying to achieve, trying new experiences. 4.Research Do some research to get more information. You might be shying away from trying this new activity because you don’t know what to expect or have no clue how to. To answer all your lingering questions, go online and read about it. Some sites are better then others. You might try sites with .gov, .org, or .edu websites. Otherwise, be sure to avoid sites with misspellings or formatting problems. Don’t get into every nick and cranny and scare yourself, just enough to make you more comfortable stepping outside of the box. 5. Small Steps Break the activity down into small steps. If you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the challenge, don’t do it all at once. Do it in baby steps. Don’t wait to long between steps or you’ll have to start from the beginning again. The goal is to ease yourself into it, not out. 6. Ultimatums Give yourself an ultimatum. Don’t give yourself an out. Tell yourself that you’re are doing this new thing, if you don’t follow through you’ll “take away” some other daily activity you do enjoy. (Remember if you don’t like the new thing you don’t have to do it again, what counts is that you did do it.) The punishment could be mental or if you’re really struggling, make it concrete. Say to yourself: “No Mountain Dew for a week.”

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