Why people buy from you!

October 3, 2018NancyAnn Martinez Do you make creative things ? Do you try to sell them ? Maybe at a craft shows, Facebook, Etsy, etc.. Do you then get told or hear whispers your to expensive or I could make that. It hurts to because you have spent so much time and energy to make it perfect. Do you wonder how to respond or even if you should? Try to take the high road on this one. Although that person may not want to buy what you have made, there will be many more who do. WHY, because they don’t have the time, energy, resources, know how, patience or because they truly do not poses that particular God given talent.  You although do and have the talent, and your product is as good if not better then what you may find in a store. I’ll let you on a little secrete. People buy from you because of your personality or because they know you… If your truly friendly, upbeat and always smiling people will be drawn to you and your products. One more thing,  make business cards and hand them to everyone. You never know when it will get into the right hands to make a sale. So show it of proudly.  The next time someone says I wouldn’t buy that I could make it. Say but would you? It’s easy to say yes to making something but the doers do and the others buy.

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