The Amber Stack has two bracelets that are hand made in my Ohio home studio.

Bracelets Include | Two

10mm olive wood beads and three 10mm round white frosted beads

10mm olive wood beads and three 10mm round opaque black beads

and four 4mm silver beads in between the colored beads


Please check the sizing chart, as all sales are finale.

Amber * olivewood stack

  • Olive wood beads are hard, they will last a long time. Although, there are some quidelines you should follow.

    All semi precious, gemstones and wood beads can break when enough force is applied, so treat your beads with care.

    Wooden beads will darken over time from there natural state and form a warm patina. This is due to the age and natural oils in our skin. You can oil your beads to help hydrate them and make them shine with olive oil. Just apply a very small amount and wipe off with a cotton cloth.

    Please take care to not over stretch your bracelets. 

    Each bead is handmade. No two will be exackly the same in size, color, shape or design markings. This just adds to the uniqueness of your piece.