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What Benefits you'll receive having a Business Coach!!
Hardest Part of being a Soul Entrepreneur:

If you are ready to feel less alone in the process of changing your life, creating a business and going after your dreams.. coaching is the tool for you.
I describe coaching to people by asking them to think about people who hire a personal trainer. In most cases, people hire a trainer because they want to up-level their life and after many attempts have realized they need support. Life and Business Coaching is no different. You will still do the work and your goals will be driven off of YOUR desires but you will have the support that you have been missing.

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1. Many times, working by oneself you can feel very lonely and cut off from everyone and everything. Plus, when coming up with a thoughts, plans or even what business should I start, you have no-one to bounce the ideas off of. This is where having a Coach or a group of like entrepreneurs, who have had to make decisions on their own and will understand some of the same struggles, can be very beneficial to your wellbeing besides giving you a sounding board. Now who couldn’t use this?


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2. Entrepreneurs, at times can feel or become very lonely. Even if your surrounded with your love ones. Being able to talk to someone that is doing things similar to you helps you feel connected. Your family most likely will not understand you or your business dreams. Now who couldn’t use this?


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3. If you are working for the public, you know at times that can get tricky. We sometimes need to get it off our chest without the fear of it being repeated plus some positive feed back from someone else, can always help give us a different view point. Having a coach and a group of like entrepreneurs can be a God sent. Now who couldn’t use this?

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4. Being a soul entrepreneur, you may find it is harder to keep on track. This is where a coach will make you accountable for your time. Give you helpful info and tips to help you stay focus. Believe me it is easy to back slide and hard to get back on track. A coach will be there to push you when you need a shove, but also there to tell you how amazing you are and that you can do it!! Now who couldn’t use this?


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5. You may say but I can’t afford a coach, well I say you can’t afford not to have one. I’ve had two coaches in the last year. It as lead to me to relocating one business and creating another. Are you ready?! If you’re a lone entrepreneur or even a business of two then this is for you. Now who couldn’t use this?

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6. Being one person, it is hard to figure out who or where to turn to when an issue arrives. (Do I need a brick & mortar, should I become a sole proprietor, do I need business insurance, how do I get a logo, how do I do a live video, how to I set up a Facebook page, I’m just not sure what to do next and the list goes on and on. A business coach, can help, assist you and point you in the right direction, without wondering if the person your asking has ever been in your shoes. Starting NanSee EyeWear from scratch on my own and being in business for 15 years has given me lots of knowledge. Knowledge that I know will benefit you!! That will help you start learn and grow your business. You need this!!

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7. I know from not having a business coach for 14 of those 15 years how hard it was on me. I had to keep all my business to myself or risk offending, alienating or worse having it repeated. People, who you may have thought where friends are nowhere around, or may get jealous of your business or the time your spending on your business. Even some may go so far as steal your idea. Now competition is good, and having neighbors in the same business is not necessary a bad thing, it makes us work harder to be unique and succeed, only when it is a friend and it is in your own back yard it doesn’t feel very good. This is where this group comes in. Members will only be able to join if they are located at least 30 miles away from each other. Not so far that if you choose to meet it would be difficult but just far enough you’re not in each other’s territory. Does this sound like something you need??

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8. If you’re ready for some, and to remove some
• Accountability
• Action Planning
• Brainstorming
• Clarity
• Distraction
• Fear
• Focus
• Follow-up
• Implementation
• Limiting beliefs
• Motivation
• Overwhelm
• Purpose
• Self-sabotage
• Structure
• Time management
• Vision,

you will receive it, through live videos, private chats, guess speakers and more. You need THIS?? Your worth the investment in yourself!!

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With all the above said, if you are even remotely thinking of starting a small business or have a small business, this program is for you. AND if you just need some accountability, clarity and focus for yourself, THIS group is for YOU.

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Still not sure? You are only obligated for one month, you can choose to leave anytime. Just send me an email before the next payment due date to conceal your membership. There are many reasons why you may need to conceal, so if you find you want to rejoin, just put your name on the waiting list and when I reopen the door to enrollment, you will be notified.

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Why Join?!

Because we all need a coach, girlfriend!!!!

Because everyone needs an outlet to ask questions without being judge!

Because we live a busy life and it's hard to connect on a personal level with all the diversions and cell phones being used while you are trying to have a heart to heart with someone!

Because You want to better yourself in business, family, life!

What will I gain?

I truly hope happiness, peace and safety.

A person or people to hear you out, ask questions, give you feed back!

A better understanding of self!

The knowledge you may be helping others when sharing your issue!

My knowledge (be as it is) and my love of knowledge, and my life journey, to help you improve in your creative business and life in general!

WHAT YOU WON'T GET: My coaching business is not based on do this and that and you'll get rich. Nope, this is for anyone and everyone who ever needed someone just to help, have a listening ear and share their stories.

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This private but open floor of girlfriends, will have assess to all the information as long as you stay in the group.

This group will be for any female over 18.

Your allowed to ask any questions about business and I, one of the members or a guess speaker will try to answer it. Like how to? Where to I find that? Who can help with this issue? What should I do? You know business in general with some real life talks too. Also, great information about Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, all accessible in one location.

I will do what I can to help your business grow but that doesn't mean you won't have to work at it too.

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The cost of the group is $37, a month with automatic deductions every month around your start date unless you e-mail me at before your enrollment date. You will need to type Leave Group in the subject area. When you choose to with-draw from the group you will no longer have access to the group nor the members but because life happen you will always be welcome back in. Although I can't promise it will be at the same cost.

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